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Why Activating your Core is important for the Spine



Our “core” is more than just a six pack.

With 12 plus muscles combining to form our core it is something of an oddity allowing our spine to act as a “flexible rod”.

Everyone has heard that we need to strengthen our core to stop our back hurting but why do they say that? And is it true?

The core acts as a stabiliser and works best when stopping unwanted motion. So when working out using a lot of bending such as ‘sit ups’ not only DOESN’T stabilise but it puts the discs in your back under more strain. There are many tummy exercises that are safe and great to strengthen your core. Watchout for these on our Facebook page or ask your Chiro for some exercise sheets to guide you.

It is important to see your Chiropractor so they can ensure you are using the right one for you. Doing it from your couch googling what exercise is right can result in getting the wrong one, and. be more harmful.

Strengthening your core can do more than just reduce pain but improve the power.

With a strong core you are able to transmit that power from your hips up through your arms and down through to your legs more effectively. It is important to train your core properly to reduce pain, reduce chances of pain in the future and to give yourself the best chance at living well.

Try to avoid cookie cutter exercises for your back, everyone is different and different spines requires a different type of help. Our chiropractors are highly skilled in narrowing down why you have pain and what they can do to get you back to your best. With their years of training they can give you some specific and highly effective exercises combined with their great treatment.


While exercise is a great way to build strength it is very important to also find the underlying cause of your pain.

It can be any number of things depending how you lift something at work, how you kneel down to play with your kids or a move you do when you are playing sport. Let our Chiropractors help you to bend, pick up and generally get through your day safer. Let’s find out what caused the pain in the first place.

Dr Jamie, Sports Chiropractic


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