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Sports Chiropractic at Belridge Chiropractic

man and woman running on a wooded trailAt our practice, we’re proud to offer care that goes beyond traditional chiropractic and into services that can help patients of all walks of life heal better and receive the care that they need.

For years, our team has worked with athletes of all skill levels to help them get back in the game stronger, and without injury.

What Is Sports Chiropractic?

Simply put, sports chiropractic is a conservative way of helping to restore proper function to a body that’s been compromised—which could be due to injury or simply inadequate function.

Sports chiropractors believe in taking a natural approach to healing, and that when your body is given the proper tools, it can restore itself without the need for drugs or surgery. A chiropractic care plan provides a non-invasive approach to sporting injuries, often with great results, before any surgical option is considered. With chiropractic adjustments, you’re also focusing on the problem at hand and offering solutions instead of simply masking the painful symptoms with prescription medications or steroid injections.

There are two main reasons an athlete may consider sports chiropractic:

  1. To help rehabilitate and overcome an injury. We’re proud to offer care plans that focus on restoring your health and body, bringing you back to optimal function. Through custom-built care plans, we’ll incorporate the techniques your body needs for success.
  2. To help improve their performance. Chiropractic care is designed to help your body function exactly as it was designed, removing interference that could be causing disruption throughout. When your body is working properly, you’ll move better and easier, feel stronger, and be more aware of your systems. It’s easy to see how this could benefit athletic performance.

Meet Dr Jamie

Dr. JamieDr Jamie with the team at Belridge Chiropractic and Belridge Massage Therapy has helped many patients just like yourself get back to the sport they love. In fact, Dr Jamie’s introduction to chiropractic himself came after an ice hockey injury in Canada. After going through several different modalities, nothing was working—until he visited a sports chiropractor. In his care, he was able to reach his full potential and help prevent the injury from reoccurring.

Dr Jamie works with athletes of all skill levels, from youth to professionals. In fact, he’s remained Captain of the Perth Thunder since 2016!

Learn more about Dr Jamie here and how he can help you >>

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate for sports chiropractic?

Nearly anyone who plays sports is a candidate! Chiropractic care can be completely tailored to your individual needs and goals. We’ll listen to you and provide our expert analysis on what we think can offer the best results.

Do you work with patients of all skill levels?

Absolutely. We’re proud to work with child athletes, high school stars and even professionals. We believe that everyone can benefit from a focused approach to overcoming injury, allowing them to become the best possible athlete that they can be.

Will I need maintenance visits when I’m feeling better?

We certainly have athletes in our care who choose to visit us to maintain their results and because they love how it makes them feel and perform. However, the choice is entirely up to you—once you’re feeling better, you’re free to continue to see us or simply return if your injury flares up again.

How long will it take me to recover from my injury?

Because every single person is unique, it’s difficult to say how long it will take until we see you in person. We’ll perform a thorough examination and let you know if we think we can help you. If we can, we’ll gladly lay out an initial care plan that may consist of visiting us a couple of times each week for a few weeks. After, we’ll evaluate your improvement and make adjustments as needed. If you feel the care isn’t what you’d expected, you’re free to stop at any time—we’ll never force care upon anyone.

What types of care might I receive?

We’re proud to offer a variety of rehab and prevention techniques for our sports chiropractic patients. Your care plan will look different from someone else’s because we know that no two bodies and injuries are alike. We may recommend various stretches and exercises to help heal the problem area while providing hands-on adjustments to restore function. Your Chiropractors may also recommend seeing the Remedial Massage Therapist at the clinic as part of your rehabilitation.

Learn More Today

Are you wondering if our techniques can help you or a family member recovery from a sports injury or help them get back to peak performance? We’d love to meet and discuss your goals. Contact our team today to get started by scheduling your first appointment.

We look forward to it!

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