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Naturopathy in Joondalup

What You Can Expect

Joondalup naturopathy at Belridge Chiropractic

Naturopathy is a great supplement to care

At Belridge Chiropractic, you can schedule an appointment to see our naturopath, or you may be recommended to do so by your chiropractor.

We’ll ask you to fill out a form online before you arrive so we can learn as much about you as possible. Then you’ll spend an hour with our naturopath.

They will discuss where your mind and body health is currently and where you’d like it to be.

Our Naturopath will give you a full report of what’s happening in your body and create a personalised plan to move forward in regaining your health.

Health Fund rebates available — check with your health fund provider

A Comprehensive Look at Joondalup Naturopathy

Our Naturopath will offer you individual advice on the right supplements for you to take in getting better, faster.   They may order specialised testing such as blood tests, hormone tests or stool samples.

She can work closely with your general practitioner to discuss planning for your better health. She may also prescribe natural medicines that could be beneficial to you.

Emphasis is placed on advice regarding diet, appropriate exercise regimes and lifestyle.

She also has a focus on helping a variety of people who seek assistance with:

  • Conception issues
  • Digestive problems 
  • Fertility issues
  • Male and female hormone issues
  • Help with symptom relief from menopause, PCOS, IBS, Reflux and flatulence
  • Natural alternatives for management of inflammation from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and acute injuries

Our clinic is modern and fresh and our friendly highly trained staff will take great care of you to make you feel welcome.

Call us today for Naturopathy in Joondalup! (08) 9401 0777