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Meet Dr Nancy Messiha (Chiropractor)

Dr Nancy is on maternity leave.

Dr Beau is caring for Dr Nancy’s Clients.

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A Passion for Chiropractic

Photo of Dr Nancy Messiha

Dr Nancy Messiha

Dr Nancy Messiha has been practicing in WA since 2007 upon graduating from Murdoch university. She has had many different clinical experiences starting when she was a student chiropractor gaining experience in hospitals in WA as well as volunteering as a chiropractor in sports events like the Margaret River Masters, as well as a chiropractor for amateur rugby and soccer teams.  She has also had the opportunity to share her passion for chiropractic education by being a clinical supervisor for chiropractic students in their final year of training at Murdoch University as well as assisting teaching anatomy and chiropractic techniques at the university. She initially started seeing a chiropractor when she was a student as she constantly had shoulder and back pain from long hours of studying. She has since been under chiropractic care through different stages of life including while she was pregnant and while she is exercising.

Chiropractic Experience

She has also worked in many types of private practices with patients who require different adjustment techniques. Some techniques are extremely gentle and they apply to younger spines as well as ageing/sensitive spines, while other techniques are suited to sports people and chronic back or neck pain sufferers. Headache sufferers are one of her interests as she has seen the difference maintaining proper neck and jaw function can have on a headache sufferer of any age group.

Chiropractic Dry Needling

Dr Nancy is one of our Chiropractors that also uses Dry Needling — Ask me about it.

When Dr Nancy is not in clinic she enjoys spending time with her husband and three year old daughter.

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