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Change your mindset this New Year, here are some tips how

Want to be more mindful during your day, but aren’t the biggest fan of meditation?

Don’t worry!Although there are many benefits of meditating regularly, meditation is not the only way to practice mindfulness during your day. Mindfulness is such a simple exercise that can create so many valuable health benefits, such as stress reduction, and improved mood.

Here are 3 simple ways you can be more mindful during your day, without meditation:

Mindful deep breathing

Deep breathing involves bringing awareness to your breath and gradually slowing down the rate of your breathing. This helps you maximise the amount of oxygen entering your body and also activates your Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). The PNS is responsible for our counter response to stress. It helps to bring our bodies back into balance.

Start by breathing in for 4 counts and out for 6 counts. Gradually slow your breathing rate, 6-8, 8-10….feel and listen to your breath, staying focused on your breath. A quick note on proper “deep” breathing: It’s important to breathe deeply into your diaphragm (near your belly) rather than into your chest to heighten relaxation.

Eat mindfully

It continues to fascinate me how the tradition of eating has changed so much over recent decades.For much of human history, hunting and eating a large meal was a momentous celebration and ritual. Nowadays, many of us have become accustomed to eating on our own, eating at our work desks, eating our dinner while watching TV, or even just grabbing something takeaway while on the run.

Mindful eating is greatly beneficial for our health because it can prevent overeating (which, of course, can lead to unwanted weight gain). Through the addition of mindfulness, we naturally become more conscious of what we’re putting into our mouths and give our gut and brain time to signal when we’re full.

To be mindful whilst eating, the key thing to remember is: slow down!

Consider the colours, smells and texture of your food as you eat it. Take one bite at a time, chew slowly and enjoy the flavours.Where you can, avoid eating with distractions or temptations around you.

Mindful exercise

Paying attention to the present moment when exercising is a simple way to be more mindful.For example, pay attention to the sensations of running or walking. Take note of how your body feels. Tune into the rhythm of your breathing, the feeling of the wind on your face and even the sensation of your feet hitting the pavement. There’s something almost hypnotic about focusing your attention to rhythmic movements.Next time you go for a run or walk, give this one a try!

Mindfulness is all about focusing your attention on what you’re doing in that present moment and acknowledging the sensations that come from it. It trains you to be ‘right here, right now’.

I hope you get value from these 3 simple ways to be more mindful, without practicing meditation! You don’t need to make more time in your day, you simply need to use the time you have more mindfully.

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