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man tie shoe laceAs March rolls in many of us are about to kick off another year of playing sport. Whether you’re a professional athlete or enjoy some social fun, sports are a great way of keeping fit and healthy.

But, how do you prevent an injury from ruining the fun and how can you get more out of your athletic ability?

Follow these simple steps!

Eat healthy – You only get out what you put in!

A balanced diet remains at the core of being healthy and preparing your system for the physical stress of playing sports. If you’re involved in intense training or just wrecked after a tough game consider adding in extra protein to help rebuild and strengthen those fatigued muscles.

Hydrate – On any given day we need to consume over 2 litres of water for optimal health.

This is even more important if you want to get the most out of your game-time. Try drinking a glass of water after every meal or adding some fruit to your water for some added taste.

Recovery – Between training sessions and game days sometimes we just want some exercise-free time!

Recovery is a very important part of a fitness regime but make sure you’re doing something even on your days off. Taking time to do some stretches and going for a gentle walk or bike ride will help you stay loose and ready.

Sleep – Rest up.

Your body does most of it’s rebuilding and muscle recovery while you sleep. Make sure you’re getting enough by aiming for 7-8 hours/night. Also, peak alertness, coordination, concentration and reaction times are vital for most athletes so don’t expect to play your best if you’re not sleeping well!

Get help! – There is no point waiting for something to get worse.

If you’ve got an old injury or need help touching your toes then find someone to give you the right advice now! Most problems athletes face can be greatly improved with the right combination of physical therapy and rehabilitation exercise.

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